Telluride Women Give

A Giving Circle of The Telluride Medical Center Foundation

Telluride Women Give is a philanthropic giving circle of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation. It is a leadership network of community-minded women who want to do more than just donate; they want to invest and collaborate to create specific programs that make a difference in the lives of women, children and families.

Telluride Women Give members take a deep dive into the health care issues affecting women and their families by creating solutions to improve their health and the well-being of the people they love. Using the power of collective philanthropy, the members’ pool their annual contributions and collaboratively fund programs, projects or new equipment for Telluride Regional Medical Center. The group’s efforts drive innovative and often life-saving services and technology that can really make a difference right here in Telluride.

Women Give raised over $250,000 and counting since inception in 2015 and funded:

  • the HandTevy pediatric system
  • funds toward the purchase of a neonatal bed
  • Basic life support in Obstetrics class for our staff
  • a chemistry analyzer
  • a bilirubin testing machine
  • 10 years ago, money for a behavioral health counselor when we started the integrated (Integrated) Behavioral Health Counseling

In 2024, Women Give will focus on behavioral health. Behavioral health is an integral part of women’s health care, and in 2023 over 60% of behavioral health visits at the Telluride Regional Medical Center were provided to women and children. It should also be noted that the field of behavioral health counseling is made up of predominantly female clinicians. In 2024, we look to expand our behavioral health program in order to provide a greater number of services to our patients, and to assist in the career development of new clinicians.

2024 Goal is $80,000 to fund the program and we are halfway there! 

To become a member of Telluride Women Give or make a donation click below. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback. For information on our Play for Pink golf event check out that page! Contact Telluride Medical Center Foundation Director Katie Singer (970)729-1807 or

Membership Levels


$5,000 annually
Minimum 3-year commitment
Advisor’s generous gifts help establish and sustain the efforts of Telluride Women Give. Advisor members have permanent recognition as Telluride Women Give Founders and assist medical providers in selecting causes.


$2,000 annually
Minimum 3-year commitment
Visionaries make an elevated commitment to advance the work of Telluride Women Give. Visionaries assist medical providers in selecting causes for Women Gives.


$1,000 annually
Leaders make a commitment to advance the work of Telluride Women Give.


$500 annually
Members are asked to donate a minimum of $500 annually, which will be pooled with other designated Telluride Women Give donations to make a substantial impact in health care.

2024 Telluride Women Give

2024 Presentation Summary

Women Give held their first convening in February of 2024 and featured a presentation from Lindsay Wright, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Wright has over 10 years’ experience in behavioral health and has been part of the Telluride Regional Medical Center team for the past 5 years. Wright works with a variety of patients, but her passion lies in working with women & adolescents who have experienced grief or trauma. She is passionate about behavioral health and counselor development and was enthusiastic to share a close look at her experiences with Women Give. Wright provided information regarding the history of TMC’s behavioral health program, the current evolution of the program hiring a prelicensure clinician via grant funding and providing clinical supervision to this provider, and the program’s current proposed expansion to hire an additional prelicensure clinician.

Wright reviewed 3 key impacts that their proposed program expansion will have:

  1. Wright reviewed the benefits of this program to TMC patients, to the prelicensure clinicians, and to the community. The benefit for patients is large; since hiring the first prelicensure clinician in May of 2023, an additional 124(150) patients have been able to access behavioral health services at TMC; this number includes 11 children, 45(56) men and 79(94) women, and these services have been provided free of cost, reducing the barrier that those who are uninsured or uninsured may face to accessing behavioral healthcare. With an additional prelicensure counselor, TMC hopes to expand the services that are currently offered and add new services, such as group therapy, medically assisted therapy for opiate addiction, counseling for weight management and chronic pain.
  2. The proposed hiring of an additional prelicensure clinician will also be beneficial to this individual provider; following graduation from a counseling master’s program, 2,000 hours of supervised clinical practice by a more experienced practitioner is required before the graduate can become a licensed clinician; these hours can be gained in no less than 24 months. This time is ripe for growth and new learning experiences and is instrumental in assisting these new graduates in learning how to turn theory into practice. The relationship between a prelicensure clinician and their supervisor is a critical one and provides support as the prelicensure clinician develops their own professional identity. Clinical supervisors serve as a teacher, evaluator, mentor, consultant, colleague, coach, gatekeeper, cheerleader & advisor for their supervisees, and assist early career counselors in developing strong clinical skills, robust ethical standards, and personal practices to decrease counselor burnout. 

Through providing quality education and a diversity of experiences, our supervision program is assisting in the growth of high-quality clinicians in our county. At present, there are reportedly 22 individuals locally who have either A) recently graduated from a counseling graduate program, B) are currently enrolled in a counseling graduate program, or C) plan to attend a counseling graduate program soon. There are few options for supervision or clinical positions locally, which has led some individuals to leave the area to further their education & careers. While TMC will not be able to provide support to all 22 pre-licensure clinicians, TMC hopes to be able to do their part in keeping these new providers practicing in San Miguel County, and we believe that it is our ethical responsibility to assist in the development of prelicensure clinicians. We hope that in offering supervision and job opportunities that we will be able to bridge the gap between the needs that our community has for behavioral health support.


Aileen Arguelles
Jena Atlass
Frannie Aura
Rachel Bailey
Alice Sloan Bond
Ana Bowling
Anne Brown
Sally Puff Courtney
Cassie Ford
Jill Freshley
Jan Herrick
Kristin Holbrook

Michele Kalish
Alida Kerhl
Kyle Koehler
Tess Peters
Peggy Raible
Dinny Sherman
Jane Shivers
Brita Speck
Felicity Twort
Nancy Venne
Molly Wickwire-Sante
Jodi Wright


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