Current Foundation Initiatives

New Facility

The Telluride Hospital District Board is optimistic the PUD at Society Turn will be approved by San Miguel County this summer. The developer will start building out the infrastructure and we hope to have the land conveyed to TMC in late summer or fall of 2025. To prepare for this new facility, our Hospital District Board engaged Moss Adams to look at our current operating model, determine what services will address the needs of our community, and make our new facility sustainable. Moss Adams will also help us decide what type of facility we should build and what the proper designation should be. The cost of this study is approximately $125,000. In addition to the study, our housing initiative is an essential component to moving forward with our new facility. 

Workforce Housing

15 in Five Years and 30 in Ten Years

One of the biggest issues facing Telluride Regional Medical Center is workforce housing for current and future staff. Housing availability impacts staff retention, morale, and our ability to recruit high quality candidates.

TRMC established a Housing Committee and developed a housing plan that looks to purchase, secure long-term rentals, develop, or utilize accessory dwelling units to address our employee housing needs. Our goal is to secure 15 units of varied size (1, 2 and 3 bedrooms) over the next five years and to double that to 30 over ten years. While TRMC pursues the final approval of land at Society Turn for our new facility, it is focusing on workforce housing plans which are a part of the overall philanthropic campaign priorities. There are a handful of strategic options being evaluated currently which will only be possible through philanthropic support. 

A recent employee survey revealed 30% of our current staff anticipate the need for housing within the next 12 months and 62% said that housing availability and affordability will affect their decision to remain an employee at TRMC. A new facility will increase our number of employees by 20–30 and housing will be a key component in recruiting quality personnel.

In March, TMCF signed a purchase agreement and paid a deposit for a new three-bedroom Meadowlark unit in Mountain Village and we continue to pursue additional housing opportunities. The purchase price of the Meadowlark unit is $1,034,745. 

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