Grateful Patients

Each year on March 30th, the skill, dedication, and commitment of physicians are recognized on National Doctors’ Day. Every day of the year, we witness these characteristics in our Telluride Medical Center providers.  Doctors’ Day provides us with another opportunity to pause and express our gratitude.  Our physicians are the key to healing in our community and we want to thank them in a big way. But we need your help!


Please help us celebrate our local heroes, the providers that are there for you when you need them most by leaving a story to send a note to honor your caregiver and/or donating below to make a donation in their honor.

Patient Gratitude

Story image from Wynne T.

Wynne T.

As parents of three active kids, we are incredibly appreciative of the dedicated staff at the Telluride Medical Center. We feel like we are regulars at TMC with general check-up visits, visits when we aren't feeling so hot, and a few surprise ER visits through the years. We are grateful to Dr. Paul for helping us with a broken arm and busted knee and always being there for us, to Emily McGough for being kind and caring, to Laura for always being there for our family, and Dr. Diana for her steady leadership and oversight. We feel cared for at TMC! Thank you, team!

Alison W.

I am grateful for Dr. Grundy and the TMC staff for supporting me and my growing family over many years. Dr. Grundy has shared insights and resources with me for which I am forever thankful 🫶

James G.

I'm a doc myself so can appreciate great care when I see it. I broke my hip this January and Dr Hall and the entire staff starting with the ski patrol all the way to the medics transporting me to Grand Junction did an outstanding, compassionate, and expert job. Even though I hope never again to need their services, it's great to know they are there when needed.

Mark L.

When I had a heart attack, TMC gave me provided great care and helped lead me to a full recovery.

Story image from Tara K.

Tara K.

Every National Doctor’s Day, my family & I honor Dr. Sharon Grundy & the TMC staff. In July of 2014 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Breast Cancer. If it wasn't for Dr. Grundy’s quick follow up and care received, I truly don't think I would be here today enjoying my family and amazing life. Dr. Grundy went above and beyond getting me into treatment immediately. She would make house calls, check in on me and was always there for support during my yearlong battle. I forever grateful to Dr. Grundy and am happy to say I am 9 years cancer free.

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