2024 Funding Priorities

In 2024, Telluride Medical Center Foundation is focused on enhancing healthcare in the Telluride region. There are only eight years left on TMC’s current lease and we are working hard to prepare for our new facility. This new facility is the single most important need for our community and our visitors and there is a lot we need to do to prepare for its success. The following are our greatest funding priorities.

  1. We are optimistic the PUD at Society Turn will be approved by San Miguel County this summer. The developer will start building out the infrastructure and we hope to have the land conveyed to TMC in late summer or fall of 2025. To prepare for this new facility, our Hospital District Board is hiring Moss Adams to perform a diagnostic on our existing facility and determine what services will make our new facility sustainable. Moss Adams will also help us decide what type of facility we should build and what the proper designation should be. The cost of this study is approximately $125,000.
  1. TMC and TMCF have formed a Housing Committee to address the housing needs of our current and future staff. Roughly 30% of TMC’s current staff anticipate some sort of housing issue in the next 12 months and a new facility will bring 20–30 new employees. Our plan is to build and/or acquire 15 units in the next 5 years and 30 in the next 10 years. In March, TMCF signed a purchase agreement and paid a deposit for a new three-bedroom Meadowlark unit in Mountain Village and we continue to pursue additional housing opportunities. The purchase price of the Meadowlark unit is $1,034,745.
  1. TMCF also supports the needs of TMC by funding staff training, capital equipment needs, and programs like patient access, health equity, bilingual health access, and expanding behavioral health programs through philanthropy. This year, we anticipate a need of $500,000 to fund these initiatives.
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